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Customizing Your Home: Retractable Screen Options to Fit Your Style

Winter Park Retractable Patio Screens

Consider Winter Park retractable patio screens to add to your usable living area without a significant renovation. Our customizable screens give you all the benefits of extra living space, and installation is a breeze.

Adding a retractable screen to your outdoor living space lets you enjoy it all year, regardless of the weather. And with the variety of options from Phantom Screens of Central Florida, the world is your oyster for customization. When you call us for a quote, we will visit your space and discuss how we can design a retractable screen that fits your style. Here are some options available for our Winter Park retractable screens.

Mesh Modifications

Our custom design starts with what type of mesh you want for your screen. How do you know which to choose? Let’s begin with why you want a retractable screen in the first place. Is it to keep bugs out? Increase privacy while you enjoy your patio? Or are you looking for the ultimate climate control for your outdoor living space? We’ll consider your answers when recommending the screen mesh that best fits your needs. 

Best for bugs – While all of our retractable patio screens in Winter Park keep out bugs, our Insect Mesh and Premium Insect Mesh screens do so while letting the views and the breezes in. Our insect mesh screens also keep 40-55% of UV rays out of your space, which is excellent for your outdoor furniture and your skin.

Best for energy efficiency and views – Our Premium Solar Mesh has various designs and colors to add style to your outdoor space. These shades also block anywhere from 40-100% of UV rays and provide excellent outdoor visibility and daytime privacy.

Best for privacy – Privacy Mesh comes in many colors and keeps out 90-100% of UV rays. As you can imagine, the tightness of this mesh allows for maximum privacy while still allowing outward views.

Best for climate control – Our vinyl screens are ideal for controlling the temperature in your outdoor living space.

Spectrum of Stunning Shades

If you think all mesh screens are black or silver like standard window screens, think again! Phantom Screens of Central Florida offers dozens of color and texture options. We want you to control your home’s style, and our Winter Park retractable patio screens do just that. We can accommodate any preference, whether you want a color or woodgrain look.

Signature Color Options

  • Phantom Black
  • Mineral Bronze
  • Coastal Gray
  • Rideau Brown
  • Hartford Green
  • Driftwood Beige
  • Sandle Wood
  • Slivered Almond
  • Classic White

Wood Grain OptionsWinter Park Retractable Patio Screens

  • Mahogany
  • Dark Walnut
  • Dark Cedar
  • Dark Fir
  • Dark Ash
  • Dark Cherry
  • Light Cedar
  • Light Ash
  • Dark Acacia
  • Light Cherry
  • Dark Oak
  • Dark Knotty Pine
  • Light Oak
  • Light Fir
  • Light Knotty Pine

Not sure which color screen will coordinate with your home? We’ve created an extensive color program to integrate our screen solutions with any color scheme seamlessly. Share your preferred color swatch, and we’ll happily match it.

Tailored Tech

Now that we’ve selected your screen’s mesh and color, let’s talk tech. How will you control your screen? What bells and whistles will make your retractable screen work best for you? From smart home devices to environment-responsive controls, we bring convenience and energy efficiency to your space.

Controls and Automation

We set up your Winter Park retractable patio screens to seamlessly integrate into your home’s function. You can use wall-mounted switches or handheld remotes to move the screens whenever you like. Multiple channel controls allow you to manage many screens with your preferred settings. These screens can also easily link up with your home automation system for added convenience.

Environmental Sensors

Thanks to Somfy technology, our retractable screens adapt to your home’s outdoor conditions, saving costs on air conditioning, enhancing climate control, and optimizing energy efficiency. Sun sensors automatically lower screens in warmer periods, and wind sensors retract screens into protective housing during high winds and stormy weather.

Our Winter Park Retractable Patio Screens Fit Your Style

Our retractable screens’ versatility and customization options provide an exceptional solution for tailoring your outdoor living space to your specific needs and preferences. With a spectrum of mesh selections, various color choices, and advanced control technologies, our screens seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle while enhancing comfort and energy efficiency. 

Ready to transform your outdoor space? Contact our Winter Park retractable patio screens company today to explore the endless possibilities and create your personalized oasis.

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