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How Retractable Screens Can Enhance Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Orlando retractable screens

Opening doors and windows is a great way to bring the outside in, but your energy bills can suffer the consequences. Retractable screens in Orlando allow you to enjoy the fresh air and natural light while saving energy – the best of both worlds!

Do you wish you could sit outside without the hassle of bugs, UV rays, and your neighbors’ gaze? Orlando retractable screens are the solution. These screens are the perfect way to make your outdoor area enjoyable all year round, especially in Florida’s weather, where you can often sit outside.

Our motorized screens tackle these problems and also conserve power in your home. They fit right into your living areas, letting you enjoy the outdoors while using less energy. It’s a great way to be comfy and save on your electric bills simultaneously. Our screens can even boost your home’s value!

What Are Retractable Screens?

Phantom Screens of Central Florida provides homeowners and businesses with best-in-class options for making outdoor living spaces cool and comfortable

Our screens are there when you want them and disappear when you don’t. Specially designed casings hide the retractable screen when not in use. You can easily raise or lower your motorized screen with a simple button press – it’s easy and looks great.

What Are The Benefits Of Retractable Screens?

Retractable screens in Orlando expand your living area by bringing the outdoors in – and the indoors out. It’s like adding to your home without costly construction and vague timelines. Some other benefits of retractable screens include:

  • Bug prevention – Nothing is worse than flies and mosquitos buzzing around when trying to enjoy a lovely dinner on the patio. The mesh on your Orlando retractable patio screens is fine enough to keep those pesky pests out while letting the breeze in.
  • Privacy – The various density levels of our screens give you the privacy you want for your living space. The tighter the screen weave is, the harder it is to see through, but you still benefit from external views and outdoor breezes.
  • UV protection – Sitting outside feels great until the sunburn sets in. Our Orlando retractable screens keep the sun at bay with UV protection. Blocking UV rays protects your skin and your furniture. No fading from harsh sunlight!

Will Retractable Screens Lower Your Energy Bills?

Leaving your patio doors open to let the outside air in can be brutal on your electric bill. Did your dad ever ask you if he was paying to air condition the outside? That’s precisely what you’re doing if you’re leaving your door open without the protection of a retractable screen from Phantom Screens of Central Florida.

Not only will your retractable screen help your outdoor living area stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, but you won’t be air conditioning or heating the neighborhood! Some customers even put an air conditioning or heating unit in their outdoor living space to boost their frosty or toasty comfort.

What Options Are Available For Retractable Screens?

Our Orlando retractable screens are custom-designed to meet the needs of each of our customers. We offer mesh, color, and control options to match your home’s style and living space.

Mesh OptionsOrlando retractable screens

  • Insect Mesh – Keeps bugs out; lets views in.
  • Premium Insect Mesh – Reduces heat and glare up to 80% and keeps bugs out.
  • Premium Solar Mesh – Available in various colors, this mesh blocks 80-100% of UV rays, allows daytime privacy, and excellent outward visibility.
  • Privacy Mesh – For extra privacy, this mesh blocks 90-100% of UV rays and provides solar protection.
  • Vinyl – Clear vinyl screens provide excellent temperature control for your outdoor space.

Color Options

  • Signature Color Options – Our retractable screens are available in nine shades for a seamless addition to your home.
  • Wood Grain Options – We offer a variety of Decoral® decorative wood grain finishes.

Control Options

  • Controls and Automatic Devices – Our motorized screens offer effortless control through wall-mounted switches or handheld remotes, allowing you to lower or retract screens at your convenience. Efficiently managing multiple screens via programmable settings and seamless integration with your home automation system, these screens ensure ultimate convenience in controlling your living space.
  • Environmental Sensors – Equipped with Somfy technology, our retractable screens adapt to your home’s outdoor conditions, optimizing energy efficiency and climate control. Sun sensor controls automatically lower screens in warmer hours, and the wind sensor safeguards against high winds by automatically retracting screens during stormy weather, ensuring their protection in adverse conditions.

Save Energy With Phantom Screens of Central Florida

Our Orlando retractable screens company has the answer to enjoying the outdoors without sacrificing your energy bills! Extend your living area, keep bugs out, and keep the warm or cool air in while you get year-round use of your patio space. Contact us today for a quote on your new retractable screen.

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