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Design Your Dream Patio With Motorized Screens

Sanford motorized screens

Style meets function with Sanford motorized screens designed for your unique space. Enjoy your outdoor living area longer while making the neighbors jealous.

As you meticulously design your home, every detail, from paint colors and fixtures to furniture arrangement and area rugs, receives thoughtful attention. Just as you’ve invested time and effort in creating a comfortable living space indoors, it’s a designer’s dream to include your interior style outdoors

Your patio area, a cherished extension of your home, deserves the same level of consideration, making the addition of stylish motorized screens in Sanford the perfect finishing touch to your outdoor decor.

And if you think all motorized screens are the same – think again! Phantom Screens of Central Florida offers a variety of color, mesh, and control options to help your patio screens blend seamlessly with your home decor or stand out as a luxurious showpiece. Here’s how our dedicated design professionals can help you achieve the precise look you’re after.

Mesh Makes All The Difference

Whether you’re tired of bugs at your picnic or want total privacy, we have a mesh option for you. The tighter the mesh weave, the more bug protection, privacy, and UV blockage you’ll get. Which mesh is right for you? Let’s look at your choices.

Insect Mesh – As its name suggests, insect mesh is designed to keep pests from pestering your patio. Even though its openness ranges from 45-58%, it’s tight enough to keep the bugs out and give you up to 55% UV protection.

Premium Insect Mesh – Its slightly tighter weave (45-55%) still lets in plenty of light while blocking up to 55% of UV rays.

Premium Solar Mesh – With several colors to choose from, this 25% openness mesh offers a bit more style and up to 99% UV protection.

Privacy Mesh – Get the benefits of beautiful views with added privacy. Our privacy mesh has an openness of just 10%, comes in various colors, and gives you 99% UV protection. Sanford motorized screens

Vinyl – Vinyl motorized retractable screens are the answer for ultimate temperature control in our outdoor space. Zero percent openness and the ability to turn your outdoor space into a heated or cooled room year-round are possible with vinyl motorized screens.

Speak with one of our motorized screens representatives for assistance in choosing the right mesh option for your outdoor living area.

Colors To Match Your Style

Browns, greens, or neutrals – we have you covered with color options for your motorized patio screen. Our screens can also be manufactured in various decorative wood-grain finishes.

Need your screens to match your decor seamlessly? Phantom Screens of Central Florida can match any color scheme. Simply supply us with a color swatch, and we can create a screen that blends perfectly with your decor.

Control Your Screen Your Way

For complete customization of our Sanford motorized patio screens, we’ve teamed up with Somfy Systems, providing a diverse range of control options tailored to your preferences. Unsure about the ideal control system for your requirements? Rely on our authorized Phantom professionals to assist in selecting the most suitable controls for your screening needs.

Controls and Automatic Devices

Remote controls and push-button devices allow you to raise and lower your motorized screen easily. And the options available help customize your control. 

  • We can program your motorized screens to suit your living space preferences.
  • You have options for wall-mounted switches and handheld remotes for screen control.
  • Multiple channel controls can manage several screens with customized settings.
  • And don’t forget the integration capability with your existing home automation system for added convenience. “Alexa, lower my screens.”

Environmental Sensors

Let our motorized screen system keep an eye on the weather for you. No need to rush home before a wind storm or get up early to lower your screens before the summer sun starts beating down.

  • Your motorized screens can adapt to outdoor conditions.
  • Weather sensors can provide cost-saving benefits, improved climate control, and enhanced energy efficiency.
  • Sun sensor controls can automatically lower screens during warmer periods, reducing building heat.
  • Wind sensor functionality can retract screens into their casings to keep them safe from damage.

Partner With Phantom Screens of Central Florida For Your Dream Patio Design

With design options galore, you may forget that your motorized screens are more than just a gorgeous addition to your home. Your stylish screens are also energy efficient, keep bugs away, give you privacy, add value to your home, and let you enjoy your outdoor space all year. Contact the design professionals at our Sanford motorized screens company to get started on the outdoor space you’ve been dreaming about.

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