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Prep For Spring With Retractable Screens

Lake Nona retractable screens

The weather outside might still be frightful (we know it’s Florida, but play along), but think how delightful cool breezes will be when it heats up! Learn why now is the perfect time to have Lake Nona retractable screens installed.

The holiday season has drawn to a close, and while winter doesn’t mean as much in Florida as other parts of the country, we still have a bit of a wait for true patio season. Why not have Phantom Screens of Central Florida install motorized retractable patio screens now so you’ll be ready on that first patio-friendly day? 

Let’s explore some benefits of prepping your patio by installing retractable screens in Lake Nona before the summer heat hits.

It’s Easier To Get On Our Schedule

Scheduling an installation during the winter months helps you avoid the rush and potential wait times as demand increases closer to summer. Installing in the off-season provides more scheduling flexibility and convenience for your installation.

Spring Breezes Can Keep Your Patio Cool

Before you know it, you’ll be digging out your shorts and flip-flops. Installing motorized retractable patio screens now ensures you’re prepared for the first warm days of spring, allowing you to fully enjoy your patio without the discomfort of excessive heat, glare, or pesky insects. 

Additionally, these screens can harness the cool spring breezes, preventing your patio from heating up too quickly and creating a pleasant and comfortable outdoor space as the temperatures rise.

Plenty Of Time For Customization

Winter installation of your Lake Nona retractable patio screens gives you ample time to select the perfect screen design, colors, and features that complement your outdoor space, ensuring a tailored and aesthetically pleasing addition.

What customization options are available? We’re so glad you asked! We can guide you through choosing the perfect combination of shade, privacy, and style that makes your outdoor space a breathtaking oasis.

Choose Your MeshLake Nona retractable screens

Our mesh options transform any space into a more appealing and comfortable living area. You have the flexibility to select from various mesh types that offer insect protection, natural ventilation, enhanced privacy, increased daylight, and effective solar heat control.

Choose Your Color

Our Lake Nona retractable screens come in various designer colors, allowing you to match exterior or interior finishes. We also provide the option of color-matching tracks, screws, and other components with each color order.

Choose Your Control

In collaboration with Somfy Systems, we have developed an extensive array of control choices for our motorized retractable screens. From home automation devices to systems that react to environmental conditions, we provide convenience and energy efficiency for your living space.

Start Patio Season Earlier

Once you’ve chosen your ideal mesh, color, and control option, installing your retractable screens in the off-season lets you maximize your time outdoors by preparing early. With the screens in place, you can start using your patio sooner, extending your outdoor living season well into the cooler spring evenings.

Keep Pests Away

As you know, Florida bugs are serious pests. Installing motorized retractable screens during the off-season is a proactive measure to keep bugs at bay. Having screens in place before the warmer months creates a barrier that deters insects, ensuring a more enjoyable and bug-free outdoor experience when spring and summer arrive.

Let Phantom Screens of Central Florida Design Your Comfortable Outdoor Living Space

While you’re cozy indoors awaiting the arrival of spring, why not take a step towards enhancing your outdoor living area by getting a quote from our Lake Nona retractable screens company? 

We’re excited to help you customize your patio so you’re fully prepared for delightful outdoor adventures. Contact us today to kickstart this process and transform your outdoor space into a haven of comfort and relaxation.

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