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From Blueprint to Bliss: Exploring the Installation Timeline for Retractable Screens

Winter Springs retractable screens

Dreaming of a more enjoyable patio space? Professional design and installation of Winter Springs retractable screens is easier than you think!

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was your home. But turning your patio area into a comfortable relaxation and entertainment space can happen faster than you can say, “motorized retractable screens.” Okay, it may take a little longer than that, but the outdoor living area of your dreams is within reach with Winter Springs retractable patio screens.

Phantom Screens of Central Florida has been installing motorized retractable patio screens for years, and we bring a wealth of construction knowledge to our customers. We use quality products to give you the best result in a timely manner. In most cases, we can install your customized screens in just a few weeks. What factors go into the timeline for installing retractable screens in Winter Springs? We’re so glad you asked!


Our large-opening patio screens are not stocked in boxes like items you’d find at a big-box home improvement store. Each retractable screen is custom-made to fit the home’s specifications. When you contact our design team, we will visit your patio and take all the necessary measurements to craft your unique patio screens.

Depending on the size of your patio area, your project’s design and manufacturing phase may take longer. Rest assured that we focus on all projects equally, whether big or small. Just know that a more extensive project may take longer than a smaller one.

Color and Mesh Options

As part of our customization process, we can help you choose the right combination of mesh, materials, and color for your new Winter Springs retractable screens. Certain combinations may be more readily available, so we must account for the ordering time when scheduling the installation timeline. With over 30 mesh options and two dozen color options, it can take a while to decide. Add our custom color-matching option, and the choices are limitless

Site PrepWinter Springs retractable screens

Once the design phase is complete, we’ll prepare the space for installation, ensuring it’s clear and ready to accommodate the new features seamlessly. Did you know that Phantom Screens of Central Florida specializes in installing custom screens on any structure? Unlike some competitors who may have limitations with concrete block homes, we can safely and securely install Winter Springs retractable screens regardless of your home’s material.

Installation Day

Finally, it’s time to enjoy your retractable patio screens! This day begins with our team’s arrival at your home, followed by a timely installation of your new screens. We will thoroughly test your screens to ensure proper functionality, and then we will train you on how to raise, lower, and program your screens. Our screens can be programmed to rise automatically in windy conditions and lower on a schedule to mitigate the day’s heat. 

Our Service Guarantee

Phantom Screens of Central Florida is committed to providing exceptional service beyond our innovative design and solid build quality. Our decision to become a distributor for Phantom Screens was driven by the company’s vision and values, emphasizing integrity and customer satisfaction. 

We believe reputation is everything and take pride in earning over 25% of our business from referrals. With retractable screens tailored for any home or business, our dedication to excellence shines through in every project we undertake.

“There when you need us, enhancing your lifestyle, making us your choice for retractable screen solutions . . . experience Phantom.”

Contact the design team at our Winter Park retractable screens company to create your dream outdoor space with our motorized retractable patio screens.

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