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Top 5 Trends For Outdoor Living

Lake Mary motorized screens

Elevating your home into a comfortable and stylish destination with these designer tips is effortless. Our team of design experts specializes in keeping you on-trend with Lake Mary motorized screens.

Homeowners always look for ways to increase their home’s style and value. Lake Mary motorized screens offer the best of both worlds. These stylish additions are functional and will give you a generous return on your investment. The ROI for a well-designed patio is estimated to be 80%. Our design team wants to keep you on-trend while you boost your home’s value with these sophisticated suggestions.

Entertain Outdoors

There’s something festive about entertaining outdoors. The air is fresh, the views are breathtaking, and you can celebrate life in nature’s embrace. The problem with outdoor entertaining is that it’s, well, outdoors. Where the bugs live and where the sun shines, and the rain falls. How can you claim your outdoor space for entertaining while keeping it comfortable? With Lake Mary motorized screens! 

The combination of Phantom’s mesh and vinyl retractable motorized screens gives you options. You have the ability to keep out pesky pests while letting in the breeze with your mesh screen. And when the weather turns chilly, hot, or rainy, you can still enjoy your view with your vinyl screen. Don’t let the discomfort of your outdoor space keep you from enjoying it. Outdoor entertaining has never been more popular. Be the best host on the block by installing motorized retractable screens.

Bring The Outdoors In

Embracing the outdoors offers a myriad of benefits for both our mental and physical well-being, including the rejuvenating effects of fresh air, sunlight, and communion with nature. But as mentioned above, these advantages come with the inevitable challenges of bugs, dirt, rain, and harsh weather conditions that can detract from the experience.

Integrated indoor-outdoor living spaces present a solution, offering all the joys of nature without the inconveniences. Motorized retractable patio screens facilitate a seamless transition, allowing uninterrupted airflow while safeguarding against insects and other external elements. Lake Mary motorized screens provide the perfect balance of protection and accessibility, enhancing your enjoyment of indoor comfort and outdoor splendor.

Comfort With Privacy

If you don’t have tall trees or a fence around your yard, your neighbors or passers-by might see into your outdoor space. This lack of privacy can make some folks hesitant to use their patio, even on lovely days. Motorized retractable screens solve this problem by letting you enjoy fresh air and nature while keeping your privacy intact. 

Phantom offers screens in different colors, sizes, and materials to suit your needs. Whether you want your patio screen to blend in or stand out, we’ve got you covered.


Leaving your patio doors wide open might seem inviting, but it can affect your energy consumption. With motorized retractable screens from Phantom Screens of Central Florida, you can enhance your outdoor comfort and make a sustainable choice.

Installing Lake Mary motorized screens allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature in your outdoor living space year-round without unnecessarily heating or cooling the outdoors. Some eco-conscious customers even install air conditioning or heating units in their outdoor areas to further maximize comfort without increasing their carbon footprint.

Smart Screens

Smart devices are becoming more popular by the day. Today, we ask Alexa to turn off the lights or ask Google to lock the door. Did you know you can program your motorized screens to integrate with your home automation system? We have partnered with Somfy Systems to offer diverse control options for motorized retractable screens, enhancing convenience and energy efficiency.Lake Mary motorized screens

Your authorized Phantom professional will help you select the ideal controls for your needs, ensuring seamless integration with your lifestyle. Choose from wall-mounted switches or handheld remotes to lower or retract your screens effortlessly. Sun and wind sensors automatically adjust screens to weather conditions, optimizing climate control and energy efficiency.

Phantom Screens of Central Florida Can Keep Your Patio On-Trend

Enjoy your outdoor space longer, lower your energy bills, and be the talk of the neighborhood with Lake Mary motorized screens. Contact us today to see the options available to meet your sustainability goals and elevate your outdoor living experience.

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