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How Retractable Patio Screens Expand Your Entertainment Space

Hosting gatherings outdoors adds a unique festive ambiance to your home. Elevate the atmosphere of your outdoor living area by integrating Ocala retractable patio screens.

We are fortunate to have favorable weather conditions and amenable temperatures in Florida most of the year. Patio dining and outdoor entertaining are staples in the Sunshine State, but bugs and harmful UV rays come with all that sunshine. 

Adding Ocala retractable patio screens to your outdoor space extends your entertainment options and keeps bugs and UV rays out. Let’s explore the benefits to your social calendar that adding motorized screens can bring.  

Be Bold With Bold Colors

If you’re looking for a way to make your patio space stand out from your neighbors, a brightly colored or wood-grain patio screen is an excellent choice. Pair your patio screen with bold furniture cushions and accent rugs, knowing your investments will be protected. UV rays can damage patio furniture and fade pillows, but with Ocala retractable patio screens, harmful sun rays stay away, leaving your sofas as bright as the day you bought them.

Phantom Screens of Central Florida offers motorized screens in various colors and privacy mesh to match your style and color palette. Your family and friends can enjoy lounging on patio furniture without fading, dirt, and bugs getting in the way.

Dine Al Fresco More Often

Elevate your entertaining experience with a gourmet outdoor kitchen protected from the elements behind motorized patio screens. Imagine the convenience of a built-in fireplace, a custom pizza oven, expansive countertops, smokers, wine refrigerators, and various luxurious amenities, enhancing your backyard BBQ game. 

As more homeowners embrace home living after the recent travel surge, outdoor kitchens are evolving with upscale features, catering to more sophisticated entertainment preferences and providing a perfect backdrop for al fresco dining behind the comfort of protective motorized patio screens.

Stay On-Trend With Enclosed Spaces

Amidst the growing desire of homeowners to embrace outdoor living, covered and enclosed spaces are rising in demand. The ability to close in an outdoor space is increasingly sought-after to transform these areas into adaptable, multi-season entertainment venues.

In our hot, tropical climate, conditions such as sun, rain, and bugs often pose challenges to outdoor living. Screened-in options have become the favored solution for enclosing a porch or patio, significantly enhancing the space’s functionality.

Entertain In Privacy

Unless your property is bordered by large trees, bushes, or a very tall fence, neighbors or passersby can likely see into your yard. This lack of privacy can discourage homeowners from fully utilizing their outdoor areas, even in pleasant weather. 

Ocala retractable patio screens offer an ideal solution to enjoy the fresh air and natural scenery without compromising privacy. These screens also provide excellent ventilation while blocking bugs, dirt, and harmful UV rays, ensuring optimal comfort.

Entertain Year-Round

Too chilly for a patio New Year’s Eve party? Not with a motorized retractable patio screen! Lower your screens, turn on a space heater or two, and countdown to midnight. What about a July 4th party? If your patio has always been too hot in the middle of summer, your Ocala retractable patio screens will keep the UV rays out while letting the breeze in.

Your guests will covet an invitation to your next soiree because your patio will be the prime party destination. Always stylish, always comfortable.

Entertain In Style With Phantom Screens of Central Florida

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